Dry Law

Did you know that the art of mixing drinks goes back to Hippocrates in the fourth century BC. And that its purpose was to cure diseases? The evolution of this method of combining drinks has given rise to an entire science full of diversity of flavors and textures. But … what is the origin of the cocktail as such? The term cocktail has its origin in the combination of the words “cock” (cock) and “tail” (cola). The term cocktails as such appears for the first time in 1806, in the New York newspaper “Balance”. Celebrities such as Antoine Amédée Peychaud of New Orleans invited their friends to combine herbal liqueurs that contributed to the popularization of cocktails. Likewise, during the nineteenth century the cocktails were consolidated among the most exclusive sectors of society. It will be during the wild years of US Dry Law. When the cocktail is consolidated as a discipline thanks to its clandestine consumption. Due to the prohibition and poor quality of the liquors with which it was trafficked, the first bartenders used essences, juices or sugar to camouflage the strong flavor of the alcohol, giving rise to the first cocktails of the time. Once the dry law was repealed, cocktails quickly reached the old continent, becoming popular worldwide until today. Interesting cocktail story, right?