Events & Banquets

Menus of baptisms, communions, anniversaries, weddings, business menus or friends from 12 people In these events you can have even more if careful attention is paid to all diners with a support in the service of waiters and cooks as well as a choice Special and preferential in the location of the table, as well as the possibility of music or entertainment according to needs Also the day and the availability of time are among the advantages Remember that all our food comes from fresh and quality some of our restaurants have parking Particular, swimming pool and / or chikipark. Consult us for more information about it We have a varied offer of children’s menus
We also celebrate children’s birthday all year round Here are some examples of our Menus, although, we adapt to any option that
Tell us the client We hope to participate in such a special day, thank you very much for your trust and see you soon